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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 15, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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just got it out. >> a guy's excited to get his new hoverboard. when he heads out to test it -- >> see a little smoke starts coming out. >> how that leads to something much bigger. >> whoa!
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and a seal who realizes, hey -- >> this dude is here to help me. >> the sweet story behind a reverse ice story. when stupid criminals try to steal an atm. >> it goes bad. >> why these guys are dumber than a doorstop. taking car surfing to new heights. and -- >> did you break it? >> mom puts her son on the spot. >> he goes into statue mode when he gets in trouble. >> a standoff for the ages, and how he aces the victory. >> he's a genius. hoverboard. >> a guy is opening one of those hoverboards he bought on ebay. we should be seeing boxing videos of those. aren't they all supposed to be dangerous? here i am packing it all up. >> after he's done unpacking it and showing it everything, fast forward it to the next day where
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he's trying to lean and it's really not doing anything. no lights on the front. it doesn't really seem to be responding. >> turn it on. >> oh, it's on. >> it just decides to respond in a slightly different way. see a little smoke starts coming out. that doesn't look quite right. >> abort mission. >> it's not even charging and it caught fire. >> it's crazy. watch it in slow motion. it just seems to burst out in flames. he jumps back. quickly runs off. comes back in. starts pouring water to put it out. >> i was kind of suspicious. maybe we're just overreacting. now seeing it makes you understand how dangerous these can be. however, this is very easy to fake. >> a lot of people have said that. he has an entire rebuttal saying, i'm not smart enough to figure out how to make that thing blow up. it just happened the way it was. the reason we're hearing so much about this is there are no safety standards for this product.
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it's made in over 1,000 different factories in shenzhen, china, alone. there's no control standards. they're just getting sent out which is why these are happen pchg the lithium ion was overcharged. or it was pierced. honestly, i'm not calling fake on this. it's turned up in a couple of news stories. it just blew. i'm not trying to be famous for it. this is a fisherman. as you can see, he's got a chainsaw and is digging into the ice. >> that is a seal. and somebody called him and said, hey, there's a seal out on the use and it's been there for several days. see if you can go out there and do something. he and his wife went out there to see if they could help this seal. he had a chainsaw with him. he cut a hole in the ice. >> an ice rescue in reverse? >> yes. >> never seen one like this. >> they says this poor thing would have died if nobody had come to help it.
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kind of seals all the time but not this time of year. he says the seal figured out, this dude is here to help me. the seal goes up to the water and takes a long, long drink when there's finally a hole big enough for it to slip inside. >> how did he get there? >> they are trying to figure out where that thing came from. i believe this happened probably somewhere in the western united states because the accents of the people and because of the cactus on the ground. it's not the cactus this poor white tailed deer has to worry about. at first you think it's barbed wire. this deer is caught. she is just hanging over right t there. >> one of the worst we've seen. it looks so painful. >> it's not that she's just stuck in between. she's hanging over like a piece of laundry. she definitely needs human help. >> hang on, girl. i know. this guy quickly handles it like
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>> i got you. >> pulls her up like a prize but then does the right thing. lets her go. this pharmacist is about to knife. and she just starts fighting him back relentlessly. you'll see she sticks her hand in his face trying to gouge his eyes. she presses the panic button and off. she's got a solid swing. >> she does. >> finally pushes him away and he runs out the door. she did sustain an injury to her stomach but he didn't get any cash or anything. >> it was a lucky escape. >> almost like she shocked him when she started to fight back the way she did. these crimmals are, well, you be the judge. they're hooded. in all black. they have a strap that they've putn the back of the truck. >> uh-huh. ia,
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yeah, we've seen this before. >> and they're going to put a loop inny other end of the strap to steal the atm. >> it never seems to work right. >> they all seem to have the greatest plan. let's see how bad this one goes. >> it goes bad, y'all. >> the one guy hops into the truck and he's going to start trying to drive away, but the atm is full of rocks or stones or bricks. the truck -- >> the bolt in that thing, though. >> making a serious withdrawal. >> it's too heavy for the truck. if it's too heavy for the truck, how in the sam hill watch your mouth do you think you, one man, and your friend of the same weight are going to get the atm up in the truck? they're going to struggle with it for just a little bit. >> they're lifting with their bags, not their legs. use your legs. wow. >> the line is still attached? >> with the atm still attached. >> it's like the dukes of hazzard. >> i'd pay to hear the
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conversation in that truck at that moment. >> now what? any time i mention the words car surfing we're all like, no, very dangerous. don't stand on the top of your car and surf. what if car surfing was done this way? alabama boys air venture 2015. that's a 1946 piper cub flown by greg kuntz. >> he's going to try to land on the truck. >> comes in for the first few passes. not quite yet. i'm going to come back. he's a pro. he's going to land his trusty cub right on top of the back of that truck. yes. of course he can. watch this next angle. >> i also want to point out you can't see through the bottom of this plane. he's doing this blind. >> watch when his front blocked in. perfect trick. love that. how about those flags that people put on their cars to support their sports teams? what if he made one of those out
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of a human? >> not a good idea. >> looks like a perfect idea. mazda did it. isn't that neat? i mean, come on. that is a well done stunt. >> and because of the force he's exerting, it looks like he's carrying that car. >> incredible. like something out of the matrix. >> that an athlete t tim sheath. this all put together in connection with mazda to promote their mazda 2. back by popular demand, the destroyer. >> folks have been talking about how this girl is bad to the bone. >> find out what roya and her crew want the world to know. >> if you feel good, you can conquer anything in the world. dancing helps us stay motivated to keep going. and a possible solution for unwanted drones. >> it's amazing.
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closed captioning provided by -- new gold bond dark spot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. like us on stay on touch all day long. now back to the show. i'm going to take you guys to an extreme adventure in colorado. at indian peaks to be exact. look at this gorgeous rocky ledge. perfect for rock climbers. >> up in the clouds. they're pretty high. >> they're pretty high up. what we're seeing is a rescue. one of the climbers lost his footing, slipped and ended up crashing against the rock wall leaving him unable to climb back down on his own.
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best way to get him down was to bring a helicopter in. this is where things get even crazier. one of the rescues is being hoisted down on a harness. it's very difficult to see in the video, but at that point that rescuer has crashed against the rock as well, injuring himself. he seems to have fractured his left leg. their priority is to rescue the climber that is injured. so they end up putting him on that stretcher and lift the injured climber up to the helicopter while that rescuer has to wait for them to take him, fly him back down to the town and then come back up to get him. >> you know, that's why they are the best among us. you have this national guardsman putting his own injury aside and waiting until they can take him back. >> self-sacrifice. you take that guy first. he's in a much worse condition. >> the injured climber was released the next day.
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this surfer here is stuck on the rocks. this is actually world class longboard surfer nacho ohera. he's been doing this for a while. he has to wait for rescuers to come. they use the firefighters truck to hoist one of the rescuers down. they grab his surfboard. they can't leave that behind. and secure him on to the line. before you know it, everyone is back up on the road and safe. you guys remember roya the destroyer? we just introduced her yesterday. in that time, folks have been talking about how this girl is bad to the bone. >> how can you forget? it was amazing. >> we're going to introduce her to everybody. everybody wants to know who she is. joining us via skype "right this minute," roya the destroyer and her homies, the raid ir ers of concrete. [ applause ]
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all right, are you at all surprised about the response you've received on social media? you performed for a long time and performed with the circus. do you have anything else lined up as a result of all the publicity you're getting now? >> not as a result of the publicity, unfortunately. you'd think there would be, but no. other than you guys. you guys contacted me. >> have you been recognized on the subway where you guys are right now? there's video going so viral. people going, hey, it's you? >> no, not yet. i think you are making it a lot more glamorous than it is. >> my question is you have so much education. do you want to be an engineer or do you want to be a dancer? >> i've always tried juggling the two worlds. ultimately i'd love to do -- management. >> is it a little intimidating for the fellas that you can do all those amazing dance moves
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>> yes. yes. >> you guys are honest about it. >> it's not that it's intimidating. they shouldn't be indim tated but more inspiring for us to practice more. you know what i'm saying? i feel like dancing makes anything you're doing in your life better because dancing helps you mentally and your body. if you feel good, you can conquer anything in the world. dancing has helped us stay motivated to keep going. >> you are using dancing to motivate the world. what do you want the world to know? >> do what you want to do. stop making excuses. there's people stuck in jobs they say they hate every day. why? you're doing it to yourself. do what you really want to do. that's what i'm doing. >> all right. you guys want to bust a move for us? show us what you're working with? >> sure, yes. >> pretty cool. >> it really is. >> oh, man.
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>> look at that. >> nice job. >> awesome. the debate is going to rage on for years as we continue to learn how to live with drones. this could be a solution for some drone problems. it's amazing. it will be like gladiators with drones. >> this is awesome. >> this is pretty cool. it's put together by some folks over at the michigan technological university. specifically, associate professor dr. mo rasgar. they work for the human interaction robotics lab. although you find this entertaining, these guys are working on this concept to try and take out unwanted drones. we've seen stories of drones
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flying over the white house lawn or maybe going over sports complexes when they're not supposed to. what's the solution there? shooting them out of the sky? no. so these guys developed this technique which not only debilitates the drone almost instantly but can then transport it away from the crowd of people. >> it's a fantastic solution to an issue that's been popping up in the headlines for months. an interesting training video. >> coming straight out of china. >> the video you don't want to miss and our take on it. >> whenever you do in life, be passionate about it. plus, it's rescue time. >> it's an eastern brown snake. how this snake almost marked its territory.
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sorry. get a free quote at many prescriptions can cause dry mouth. act dry mouth mouthwash and toothpaste relieve dry mouth symptoms with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath. act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. the camera is being set up for snake catchers adelaide. what do you think is underneath the refrigerator? >> a panda bear? >> a gigantic and extremely terrifying snake. >> it's an eastern brown snake, and at first you have to move the fridge out. then the woman has to apologize for screaming before you even see the snake. >> sorry. >> oh. that's a pretty good -- he's a pretty good sized snake. he is a she and she lays some eggs.
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them and she's about to lay one more. >> let's just be glad they got the snake when they did. had it been one more week it would have been -- >> snakes everywhere. >> and the first thing they do is shed skin. so there you see the layer of skin she shed. and now the reveal. >> that's actually really cute. >> it is. >> now the real -- they're really small. they call them slugs. they aren't going to catch. >> she lays some eggs. they aren't going to develop but she's got plenty of other ones that are going to catch and scare some australians another day. >> cool. i really like this. [ screaming ] this is a training video coming straight out of china. you have the trainees lined up on one side and the drill instructor screaming orders at them. and they are responding in unison.
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what is she training them for? >> it's like before football game, right? >> they are getting this psyched up because they're about to go to manicures and beauty stuff. >> you're about to get -- >> i'm going to get that cuticle and -- >> but why so crazy? >> would you feel comfortable if you are about to get your nails s s done and one of these women comes up to you -- >> they won't do it to the customers, but whatever you do in life, be passionate about it. >> yeah, this whole thing lasts just over two minutes. that's as long as the video is. once they're done, they clap. well done, ladies. moving on.
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>> i want to be in the back row. these little cutis know the true meaning of sharing is caring. >> ivy wants to make sure that
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also said don't go walking out on the ice. the many joys of watching children entertain adults. we start with these two cute little girls. the girl on the right is my cousin sarah. the girl on the left is ivy her friend. watch how ivy tries to play mommy. there's nothing on that fork but ivy wants to make sure that sarah gets plenty to eat. >> the muscle memory. they're practicing. >> i thought it was funny. there's nothing on the plate. it's not like she's pretending not to take anything off. >> nothing. >> hayden broke something and his response to his mom is unlike anything i've seen from a kid. just watch.
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did you break it? >> maybe if i stand here long enough and just blink and not move, mom won't notice i'm in the room. >> my eyes hurt. he looks to be like -- >> but i like how she says he goes into statue mode when he gets in trouble. and this goes on for well over a minute. >> are you going to pass out, you're just so scared? >> he has blinked yet. >> after this, there's finally resolution. >> hello? >> hayden? >> a genius. >> at the very end, he reveals the comedy face, mom. >> i'm going to try this next time i'm in trouble. i'm just going to stare for a few minutes and then smile. i'm going to get divorced, aren't i? you guys are great. thanks for watching. catch us on the next "right this
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